Heyy, my name is Susan/Smilez/S3ason! I am a proud ASIAN/AMERICAN! πŸ˜€ I’m…adventurous, fun, smart, crazy, outgoing, spontaneous, flirty, and I’m a brown eyed girl! I’m honestly not a perfect girl, my hair doesn’t always stay in place and i can make myself look like a complete DORK, I spill things and I’m pretty CLUMSY, but when i think about it, i like being unperfect(: i love to listen to MUSIC. I’m a SOPHOMORE in high school. My favorite color is PURPLE. I like anything SPARKLY or COLORFUL. The one thing I’m known for is probably my dorkishly goofy faces~β™₯ Don’t judge.
P.S. (JB lover here if not obvious, so don’t talk shit about him or I’ll talk shit about you. Just keeding, but seriously, you don’t even know him so you can’t say shit.) thank you (: